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Kizingo has eight beautifully appointed bandas (thatched cottages), set well apart from each other. In the early morning you can enjoy tea in bed and watch fishing dhows tack south to Malindi. Kizingo is situated two degrees south of the Equator on the island of Lamu off the coast of Kenya. It is reached by scheduled daily flights from Nairobi (90 minutes) or Mombasa (45 minutes) and a half-hour boat ride from the airport on Manda Island. Kizingo is strongly committed to conservation, ecologically sound practices and a symbiotic relationship with the local community. When we built Kizingo we used the knowledge and expertise of villagers to construct the bandas. We used locally produced materials such as mangrove poles, star palm leaves and coconut palms, to help the lodge blend into the landscape. Hot water and most of our electricity is provided by solar panels. Shower water and kitchen grey water is recycled to grow our plants and trees.

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