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Msafini Hotel provides guests with a tranquil environment for a relaxing holiday. This hotel can be accessed by air or road and a little further by sea and arranges for their private dhow to pick you up from the airport and/or bus stand. From here, guests can enjoy excursions around Lamu and Shela, Takwa Ruins, Manda Toto Island, Pate Island, Faza Island, and Kiwayu Island. One can also choose to visit nearby curio shops and markets, take a stroll on the beach, sunset dhow sailing at sun downer, partake in deep sea fishing and snorkeling or enjoy the beautiful ocean scenery.Msafini Hotel is located just 2 minutes walk away from the water front. Designed and constructed in both new and ancient design and architecture.

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Msafini Hotel Accommodation

Msafini Hotel features 14 large, spacious guest rooms with balconies that provide stunning sea view and a relaxing rooftop lounge. Also available are honeymoon suites equipped with well arranged traditional chairs and beds. The restaurant at Msafini hotel is the ideal place to enjoy the panoramic view of the sea, Manda island and the sand dunes as well as enjoy traditional Swahili foods.



This hotel caters for weddings, Birthday parties and other social events.


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