Petuscha Garden Lodge

Hotel Overview

Petuscha garden lodge can be accessed via plane from Jomo Kenyatta international Airport in Nairobi to Mombasa international airport and a further 10 minutes drive to the lodge. It is located 10 minutes from the Mombasa city center and is close to the beach, shopping malls, restaurants, banks, hospitals and other essential facilities in the town of Mombasa. It has friendly and welcoming staff that ensure comfort ability to guests through their stay at the lodge.

Key Features
Swimming Pool
Air Conditioned

Petuscha Garden Lodge Rates

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Petuscha Garden Lodge Accommodation

Petuscha lodge has 10 rooms that are located in private and secure grounds. The rooms range from single to double fully furnished apartments. The rooms are spacious and en suite with toilet and shower facilities and have mosquito nets, hair dryers, ceiling fans, private balconies and air condition systems. There is access to the Cha-Cha restaurant that offers guests drinks and meals on sit in or room service basis. There are two breakfast areas located outside where guests can enjoy early breakfast with views of the sea and beach located nearby.


The lodge has a business room with a computer, printer and internet connection suitable to give guests a place to work while still on holiday.


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