Tamani at Galu Beach

Hotel Overview

Tamani at Galu has a family friendly staff with babysitting services provided making it ideal for families to stay here. A fully equipped kitchen and WI-FI services are also available. There is a private swimming pool available that is also attached to a toddler’s pool which is found in the front gardens of the facility. The guesthouse has a conference room.

Key Features
Swimming Pool
Airport Transfers

Tamani at Galu Beach Rates

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Tamani at Galu Beach Accommodation

The beach houses at Tamani at Galu Beach have a choice of 2, 4 or 5 double bedrooms depending on the house. All beds found in the rooms are equipped with mosquito nets. There is a certain maximum of people allowed in the apartments or beach houses also depending on the type of room. Both the beach houses and the apartments come with cooking and house cleaning services which are only available during the regular hourly rates of 8am to 5pm (1 hour break at lunch time) for housekeeping services and 7:30am to 8pm ( 2 hour breaks are provided i.e. morning and afternoon). While at Tamani at Galu Beach you can be arranged for a different schedule by asking the staff then arranging with the manager plus an additional charge will be paid to alter the schedule to your preferred needs.


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