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Waridi House is a 3 bedroom apartment with a master en-suite, tastefully furnished to provide that extra special holiday for its guests. It is situated at a 5 minutes drive from the nearest beach and a 3 minutes drive to the nearest supermarket. Residents have a chance to enjoy amenities including convenient ample parking, a raised pool that allows you to take in a dip and soak up the sun. It is conveniently tucked away in the Bamburi area allowing you to have a serene and restful getaway.

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Swimming Pool

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Waridi House Accommodation

Waridi House, Bamburi is a three bedroom apartment, master en-suite with a fully loaded kitchen, living room, two balconies and a swimming pool. Waridi house is mainly Self-catering. Self Catering Features include; cook (basic skills), guard (askari), nanny (yaya), gas grill, microwave, refrigerator, towels and linens.


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