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Baraka house is nestled in the coastal forest, home to flashing butterflies, monkeys and miniature antelope. This house is designed in lovely Swahili style and is available to self-catering groups as well as specialised guided parties. The house offers direct access to snorkelling in coral gardens, full modern household conveniences, 360o roof views of the sky, sunset and stars, a forest setting and numerous easy to reach attractions. Baraka House is mostly used for wild fitness courses.

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Baraka House Accommodation

Baraka house offers 3 luxurious double en-suite rooms. Each bedroom has a private front and back balconies. Guests who love watching stars at night can decide to sleep on the roof for star gazing. There are many reception areas in the vicinity of the house and therefore guests are provided with a great deal of personalized service. Meals here are either provided by the house or self-catered; but in either case a chef is provided. Food prepared ranges from seafood, vegetarian to whole meal healthy food depending on the guest preference.


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