Naishi Watamu Beach House

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Naishi beach house in Watamu is strategically located near Turtle bay and Watamu dolphin’s arena where trained dolphins are used for public entertaining. It has a back gate that opens directly onto Watamu Marine Park and therefore an ideal location to visit game animals within the Watamu marine park. It is accessible by a 6 road trip via the Nairobi Mombasa road to Mombasa and further to the far north coast in Watamu. It can also be accessed by air from Nairobi to Watamu airstrip and to the house.

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Swimming Pool

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Naishi Watamu Beach House Accommodation

Naishi constitutes a 4 bedroom house that is built on a ridge which gives a good view over the Indian Ocean from the house. All the bedrooms face the sea as well as the indoor cozy living room. The rooms are well decorated in a most captivating way giving the house a homely and welcoming atmosphere. The rooms have room and laundry service, separate toilet and shower, over head fans, mosquito nets, hair driers and internet services.


The house has a large lounge with seats and tables as well as a small book shelf full of magazines and books. The room is used for private gatherings and meetings for guests who are staying at the house.


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